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Series FP-3000 Flow Sensor

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Special Features:

  • One Moving Part
  • 6 Blade Paddle
  • Non-Magnetic Design
  • Direct Logic Pulse Output
  • Wide Range .6-25,000 GPM
  • High Reliability
  • Adjustable Depth


The Sigma FP-3000 series of paddlewheel flow sensors are ideal for accurate low cost flow monitoring in a wide variety of industrial, water, and chemical flow applications. The unique 6 bladed paddlewheel design uses no embedded magnets (likely to attract iron deposits and alter flow characteristics), but rather drives a magnetic drum located out of the flowing stream.

This drum, whose alternately reversing field actually repels iron build-up, triggers a hall effect sensor and produces a high level square wave output directly proportional to the flow velocity. Pulse amplitudes up to 24 VDC are possible depending on excitation voltage. Available with Delrin or Kynar body, the FP-3000 is compatible with a wide range of process media. Buna N or Viton 'O' rings complete the sealing and allow easy and quick removal for routine maintenance and inspection. Other body and mounting materials are available to ensure media compatibility with most processes.


The FP-3000 comes compete with a PVC, Brass or 304 SS sleeve which carries an external 1-1/4" NPS thread and 'O' ring sealed 'Truseal' lock nut. The sleeve is installed through a range of factory supplied fittings and positioned to match pipe ID and flow direction. See fittings sheet for more detail.