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Sigma Model SDM 693 Flow Meter / Controller

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Model SDM 693 Flow Meter / Controller (FMC-002)

Special Features:

  • Nema 4 Front Panel
  • Pulse, Open Collector, Switch Closure, TTL OR Square Wave Field Selectable Inputs
  • K-Factor, Internal, OR External Calibration
  • 11 Point Calibration for Non-Linear Inputs
  • Low Flow Cutoff
  • 12 VDC @ 50 MA OR 24 VDC @ 20 MA Field 
  • Selectable Power Supply
  • 2 OR 4 Relay Output Options
  • Tachometer/Rate Meter
  • 4-20 MA Output Option - Converts the pulse input into an isolated 4-20 MA output

The SDM 693 is a high performance, industrial-grade digital flow meter. It accepts all the standard process signals: pulse, open collector, switch, TTL or square wave displaying them in engineering units on a six digit display. The display also includes an extra zero which may be used to handle numbers up to 999,999.

Single Button Scaling allows calibration to be performed via a single front panel push-button. There are no complicated menu trees to navigate or button-pushing sequences to memorize. An internal 12 or 24 VDC power supply is available to power the flow sensor. The NEMA 4 rated front panel makes the 693 ideal for location in wet and dry areas. Options for the 693 include 2 and 4 relays: 4-20 MA output, or 2 and 4 relays with 4-20 MA output.

2 or 4 Relays

Relays #1 and #2 are assigned to total and trip when total exceeds preset values and reset when total is reset to zero. #2 relay is user programmable to reset total to zero when the preset value is reached.

Relays #3 and #4 are assigned to rate and may be programmed for high or low alarms with 0-100% deadband. Relay configurations consist of two for total only, two for rate only, or two for total and two for rate (see ordering information).

  • 2 or 4 SPDT, 2 Amps @ 250 VAC Resistive Load 
  • Automatic or Automatic + Manual Reset
  • Failsafe Operation & Auto Initialization
  • 0-100% Deadband Adjustment, relays #3 and #4.