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100 Series BMS-110 Bubbler Monitor System

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Special Features:

  • Microprocessor Based
  • Compressor Alternation
  • Status Indicating LED’s
  • Pressure and Flow Monitoring
  • 3 ea. 10A Relay Outputs
  • RS485 Digital Data Output
  • Networkable (future)
  • Alarm Relay Output
  • Warning of Failure

The Bubbler Monitor is a state of the art microprocessor based instrument designed to monitor and control duplex air compressors in a level bubbler system. Duplex alternation of compressors assures even wear. Monitoring of individual compressor discharge pressure allows for a failed compressor to be removed from service and the unused compressor to be brought on-line ensuring a consistent air supply.

A differential switch across the variable area flow meter checks for an unobstructed dip tube. In the event of a dip tube blockage, the differential switch activates a flow fail LED and alarm output. LED indicators provide status of inputs and outputs. Compressor alternation is automatic on 4 hour cycle or on demand via side mount push button.