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Myriad 'RTU1' Remote Telemetry Unit

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Standard Features:

  • Microprocessor Based
  • Graphic LCD Display
  • 20 Point Linearization
  • 5 Function Keys
  • Isolated 24VDC Sensor Power
  • 4/20MA, 1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10VDC Input
  • 4 Analog Input
  • 4 Analog Output
  • 4 Digital Input
  • 4 Solid State Output
  • 4 Relay Outputs 5 AMP
  • Fully User Programmable in English
  • ‘MV Net” Port RS 485 +User Port
  • 40 Mile Spread Spectrum 900MHZ Radio Modem Or Two Wire Leased Line Modem
  • Integral Dipole Antenna

The Myriad ‘RTU1’ Remote Telemetry Unit provides analog and digital inputs and outputs and utilizes spread spectrum radio or lease line communications.

  • Displays process in numeric and bar graph format
  • Completely user programmable
  • Selectable engineering units
  • Offers four Form ‘C’ relay outputs with setpoint and dead band adjustment
  • 4 digital inputs with 4 solid state outputs
  • 100MA of 24VDC sensor power ‘On-Board’
  • 20 point user configurable linearizer
  • Scaleable 4/20MA retransmit analog output
  • Backlit graphical LCD display
  • Nema 4X enclosure


  • 900MHZ, 1 WATT power at 19,200 baud spread spectrum
  • Over 40 mile transmission with directional antenna
  • RS485 communication port
  • 1 microamp sleep mode
  • 19,200 Baud, two wire lease line
  • RS232 Protocol
  • Digital LED status indicators

The Myriad RTU1 ushers in a new generation of RTU’s. With its 20 I/O capability, graphical backlit LCD display, full user programmability, rugged Nema 4X housing, the Myriad RTU1 offers unmatched versatility in small SCADA applications.

The unit accepts a control analog input and allows the user to control two local outputs R1 and R2. Relay 3 and 4 outputs are energised based upon programmed setpoints in the slave RTU. 3 analog inputs are ‘mirrored’ as 3 analog outputs on the remote RTU. 4 digital inputs DI/1 – DI/4 are repeated on the 4 solid state outputs of the remote RTU. Dual RS485 ports provide true peer to peer networking.