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Model 7000 Submersible Level Sensors

Process level shall be measured by a hydrostatic submersible level sensor / transmitter.
The level sensor / transmitter shall be constructed of non-corrosive PVC with Teflon diaphragm. Overall diameter shall be 1.25” with a protective nose cone.
The transmitter sensor shall be solid state, piezo resistive type, protected from the process media by the diaphragm and silicon oil fill fluid.
Electrical output shall be true two-wire 4/20-milliamp requiring 15-45 volts DC excitation.
Accuracy shall exceed + .5% of FS and both zero and span adjustments shall be available for field calibration. Available ranges shall include 0-5/0-350 ft. WC.
Electrical connection shall be through a custom manufactured heavy wall polyurethane jacketed cable which does not employ a vent tube through which moisture can ingress the electrical housing.
The transmitter manufacturer shall offer several mounting options including conduit adaptors, pipe mounting brackets and cable suspension brackets.
The transmitter shall be fully repairable at the factory at a cost significantly less than a replacement unit.
Level transmitter shall be Sigma Controls Model 7000.