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Sigma Myriad Fpc Float Pump Controller

Engineering Specification

The Float Pump Controller shall be a microprocessor based instrument capable of monitoring and controlling up to three pumps in a pump down mode.

The unit shall be panel mounted and the main circuit board shall be protected by a Nema 1 removable cover.

Floats shall be provided for pumps off, lead pump on, lag pump on, 2nd lag pump on and high level. All floats shall be continuously monitored by the microprocessor for leak, open circuit, short circuit and float sequence.

Should any float fail for any of the above conditions, a float alarm and general alarm output shall be energized and the failed float removed from the logic sequence. The pump controller shall continue to operate the pumps on the remaining floats.

Digital inputs shall be provided for critical pump inputs such as motor over temperature/motor overload. If any of these inputs is detected, the specific pump will be shut down and removed from the pump sequence. A pump fault and general alarm shall be energized. The pump can be returned to service after the causal condition has been corrected and the reset button activated.

Inputs shall be provided for pump hand off auto selectors such that any pump whose HOA is not in the Auto position shall be removed from the pumping sequence.

Four (4) form C relay outputs shall be provided as follows: relay 2, 3 and 4 shall operate the pumps and relay 1 shall provide a general alarm output.

Four solid-state relay outputs shall be provided as follows: SSR1 level alarm, SSR2 pump fault alarm, SSR3 float/line alarm, SSR4 spare.

Digital inputs shall be provided for up to 5 floats, 3 pump faults, high level float, 3 pump HOAs and a reset button.

In operation the pump controller shall operate the pumps in a sequenced lead/lag mode and will automatically alternate pumps on sequential pump starts.

The Float Pump Controller shall be a Sigma Controls Myriad FPC model.